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Having been refurbishing and reselling Canon portable printers for over 10 years, I get a lot of questions from users from which is the best printer for their needs to how to change & clean printheads.  I started this site in order to consolidate information I have gleaned over the years and share it with anyone who desires it.


This site will focus on the Canon BJC-Series and i-Series of portable all-purpose printers, but will also contain some information on Canon's dedicated portable photo printers.


For the information contained on these pages, and in the documents I authored, users are free to download and use the files.  I only ask that you respect my copyright and ask permission prior to commercial use.



After more than 10 years of refurbishing & selling Canon Portable Printers, I have finally retired in 2014.  I still maintain this website as a $FR.EE public-access information service dedicated to Canon's BJC- and i-Series portable color printers, but no longer repair/refurbish or resell the printers themselves.  Whatever parts I have left in stock will be up for sale in my Blujay.com webstore or on eBay.

To all my loyal customers over the years, I sincerely appreciate your patronage and have enjoyed working with you!  Of course, if I can answer any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!


Canon has ceased the production of the waste ink pads for the Canon BJC-Series of portable computers.  My supplier is now out of them, so all that is left is what I have in stock.  I continue to search for other suppliers who may have a few left in their stock, but it doesn't look good at this point.  This is important in that many folks continue to use their Canon BJC & rely on having the ability to replace their waste ink pads once they become saturated.  This option is now in jeopardy.  I will continue to support the BJC-Series for as long as I can so if you find your printer stops working due to full waste ink pads, contact me & we'll see what we can do for you!

Public Domain Release   (November 2013)

On 01 November 2013, I placed the "Canon BJC-85 Waste Ink Pads Replacement" instructional document from my DIY kit in the public domain for distribution and reproduction for non-profit use ONLY.  The file is in a read-only PDF and may be downloaded from this site.  Even though the waste ink pads are no longer produced by Canon, users may create their own replacement pads using absorbant material.  I will be providing templates for both the Canon BJC-85/80/70 and BJC-55/50 printers in the near future.

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